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Xaymaca (Jamaica) – “The Land of Wood and Water” is a land blessed with majestic rain forests, spectacular mountain peaks, rushing rivers, tumbling water falls and is a nation rich with an ethnically diverse, enterprising and spiritual populace which – in dramatic disproportion to its size – contributes to world public affairs, science, sports and the arts.

Port Antonio is considered to be the birthplace of Jamaica’s tourism, it was once the primary Jamaican destination for vacationing movie stars and famous politicians. Clara Bow, Rudyard Kipling, Errol Flynn and Ginger Rogers, were early devotees, drawn by the exotic lure of the island’s banana trade. By the way, Mrs. Errol Flynn (Patricia) is a next door neighbour to Great Huts and one of our cave dwellings is named “Inn Like Flynn”!

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Please contact the Reception for more details on all of the activities and anything else that you wish to do, for example trips to Kingston and Ocho Rios.

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