Activities around Great Huts

You do not have to leave Great Huts to find things to do. See if any of the below activities interest you, if not, see if our OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES offer anything exciting. Please ask Great Huts Reception if you have any questions.

Cliff jumping at Great Huts, Jamaica

Cliff jumping

Take a walk down to the Great Huts beach and walk across the small bridge up to the jumping point. Scary? If you do decide to jump into the turquoise waters of Boston Bay, look out for the waves to make sure you don't hit the low tide.

Snake Trail at Great Huts, Jamaica

Snake Trail

If you want to feel more danger after jumping the cliffs, try our dangerous Great Huts Snake Trail and feel the adrenaline rush as you walk along the edge of the cliffs and see the water splashing below! Please take great care and read the Rules carefully and make sure you are able to do the walk! Children should be under supervision at all times!

Yoga at Great Huts, Jamaica

Kundalini Yoga with Mangal

There is a powerful but dormant store of energy lying within you, known as kundalini. Kundalini yoga awakens you, energizes you, increases your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. It stimulates the glandular system, cleanses and tones the body. Mangal Jot Kaur has been teaching kundalini yoga for over a decade. Join Mangal at our morning Yoga classes. See Reception for more details.

Massage at Great Huts, Jamaica

Traditional Holistic Hawaiian Massage

Speak to our Receptionist if you want to Antoinette to give you an authentic Lomi Lomi holistic massage. Long, flowing strokes alternate with strong massage work on tense muscles, gentle joint release and energy work. Antoinette has more than 20 years of experience in different techniques of bodywork from various traditions.

African dancing at Great Huts, Jamaica

African Drumming & Dance

Join us at Safari Deck Restaurant every Saturday from 7pm for our cultural event. Watch authentic African Drumming and Dance performance by the local artists and join our dance floor on the History of Jamaican Music performance: from Reggae to Dance Hall.

Surfing at Boston Bay, Great Huts, Jamaica

Surfing at Boston Bay Beach

Make sure you try surfing at the Boston Beach right next to Great Huts! The locals claim this the best spot in Jamaica. Waves come in consistently, left handed at the beginning of the day, right handed at the end. You can rent a surfboard and enjoy the high surf when it rolls into the beautiful Boston beach.

Jerk meat at Boston Jerk Center, Jamaica

Jamaican Jerk cuisine at Boston Jerk Center

One can find jerk stands all over Jamaica, but Boston Bay has the "real thing". Once you leave Great Huts, the fragrant aroma will lead you right to it, at the end of the road. There is a number of stalls of jerk vendors who have been doing this for generations offer some of the best jerk pork on the island. You can also get chicken, sausages, fish and lobster (when in season). Order your meat by the quarter of pound for one person or half or full pound for larger crowd. To accompany meat get festival, breadfruit, sweet potato or rice and peas.

Please contact the Reception for more details on all of these Activities and even more!

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