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JAMAICA – The Jewel of the African Diaspora

Though smaller than the smallest U.S. state, Jamaica has had a greater impact on world culture than most nations hundreds of times its size. The revolutionary language of much of its popular music, and the international phenomenon of Rastafari have globalized Jamaica in unprecedented ways.

Nakazzi Pharaoh Mask at Great Huts

This inordinate cultural richness comes out of “a densely compacted history that contains every movement of consequence in the western hemisphere: native societies devastated by European conquest; the extermination of aboriginal people and their replacement by African slaves; the long sleep of colonialism and the slow, painful awakening into the struggle for nationhood.” Even today, though Jamaica has been nominally independent for over thirty years, the island struggles with the neo-colonialisms of un-payable debt to international lending bodies, competition in the world marketplace, the conventional tourism industry, extreme internal class divisions and political conflict, quest for identity, and more.

Despite these ongoing struggles, however, Jamaican people and culture continue their vibrant history of creativity and militancy, and the world continues to listen & visit.


Great Huts, Arts and Culture

Whether you’re visiting Great Huts for relaxation and sun or for cultural tourism, you’ll notice Great Huts’ commitment to detail. Great Huts embraces the local culture of Jamaica and her African roots with enthusiasm.

Throughout the resort, you will find authentically crafted works of art made by Jamaican sculptors, woodcarvers, clay-potters, and painters. Please do enjoy our DVDs and books on art, history and culture.

Great Huts can serve as your gateway to Afro-Caribbean attractions and destinations near Port Antonio.

Everald Brown at Great Huts, Jamaica

Paintings by Everald Brown

The artwork of the intuitive painter, the late brother Everald Brown, has inspired the art and design of Great Huts Resort, which as a living breathing gallery boasts hundreds of original works of art. For more paintings by the late Everald Brown and his daughters, call Rebecca Brown at 1-876-372-8696. For more information about Everald Brown and many other Jamaican artists contact Ms. Gilou Bauer, and visit the Mutual Life Gallery: Tel. +1-876-929-4302, E-mail: mlgallery@cwjamaica.com

Artwork by Nakazzi Hutchinson

One of Jamaica's most talented young artists, Nakazzi Hutchinson, has contributed greatly to the art and design of Great Huts. You can find her beautiful masks all around the resort. Her African Name "Nakazzi" means woman of Substance" and through her work she continues to strive to embody this ideal. She considers herself primarily a sculptor but her practice of art varies widely to include charcoal drawings, paintings, batik's, murals and mosaics, and ceramics. Visit her website for more information: Nakazzi.com

Artwork by Mazola Wa Mwashighadi

Mazola Wa Mwashighadi, a Kenyan multi-media artist, has a number of art works around Great Huts. You can find his African masks all around the Safari Deck Restaurant and Doctor at the Pharaoh Bar. He has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Kenya, Uganda, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and Trinidad. His art work is a fusion of many influences and he has held a number of exhibitions at Great Huts. You can visit Mazola Art Gallery Facebook page for more information.

Gene Pearson and it's art at Great Huts Resort, Jamaica

Artwork by Gene Pearson

Gene Pearson's work has for many years been admired by artists and collectors. His art, which you can also find around Great Huts, has an elemental beauty and he also paints and sketches, but it is his signature Nubian masks and heads for which he has become known internationally. Mr. Pearson's creative career, spanning four decades, has seen his art placed in many of the fine homes and galleries of the world. Visit Gene Pearson's website for more information: GenePearsonStudio.com

Artistic Exhibitions at Great Huts, Jamaica

Artistic Exhibitions

Great Huts is famous among the local and foreign artists as a venue provider and supporter of the local art and culture. Follow our news to see the upcoming events and exhibitions! Contact us if you wish to hold your exhibition and present your art pieces at Great Huts.

African dancing at Great Huts, Jamaica

Saturday night Cultural Show

All Great Huts guests are invited to the Safari Deck Restaurant every Saturday night at 7 pm for our Cultural show. See the performance by the local dance group of the African music, dance and drumming, brought over to Jamaica by our ancestors. Second part of the of the show explains the development of the modern Jamaican music. See if you can follow the dancers!

Cultural Programs

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