Down to Basics Rooms

Tabernacle, Down To Bascis Room, Great Huts, Jamaica

Great Huts is respectful of the budget of all of its guests. That’s why offer Down to Basics Rooms as affordable lodging for all. We believe they give everyone a chance to experience the natural beauty of Jamaica and her people. Guests have to use our unique shared bathroom facilities.

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  • Outside view

  • King-Size bed

  • King-size & 2 Single beds

75$Per night


This 40 ft long African tent with crushed limestone sand floors, beautiful artwork and huge sofa with cow skin is immersed in Great Huts gardens – here you will feel in total privacy. It shares an outside shower and wash area with Annex and has 2 King-size and 2 Single beds so can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.

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Down to Basics Rooms Rates


Max Occupancy

Beds *

Price for 2 people

Extra person

Local Rate
for 2 people *

Tabernacle62 King, 2 SingleUS$ 75US$ 37.5JA $7,200
Annex43 DoubleUS$ 75US$ 37.5JA $7,200
Kaya42 DoubleUS$ 75US$ 37.5JA $7,200
Akan Hut31 Double, 1 SingleUS$ 75US$ 37.5JA $7,200
Cherry Goat31 Double, 1 SingleUS$ 75US$ 37.5JA $7,200
Akan Tower21 QueenUS$ 75JA $7,200
Granary11 Single US$ 35 (for 1)

* NOTE: Local Rate is only available during the low season: 15 April - 15 November

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