“A Real return to Nature and the Roots of Jamaica”

Great Huts is an extremely well thought-out eco-resort and a real one-of-a kind experience for anyone interested in inspired relaxation, African culture, Jamaican history, total immersion in nature, and being stirred by the most stunning cliff and sea views in the eastern part of the island – if not the entirety of Jamaica. 

This is the parish of Portland, the last remaining slice of authentic as-it-once-was Jamaica, still as yet spared the onslaught of mass tourism and all that comes with it, and regarded by many who call this beautiful island their home as their favourite part of “Xaimaica” – the land of wood and water. To you the traveler it is not to be missed, nor is a stay in one of the many really great huts at‘Great Huts’ resort something you should overlook or miss out on. Knowing what to expect, you will love it.


Paul Rhodes