Cinema Paradise 2014


Great Huts is pleased to present Cinema Paradise, a celebration of Jamaican film. Cinema Paradise aims to showcase the Jamaican Film Scene from all its varied aspects. From script to screen these films are authentically Jamaica. Written and produced by Jamaicans, set against the backdrop of our tropical paradise, staring a complex people and showcasing a culture rich with music, symbolism, strife and strain.

Cinema Paradise, now in its third year, provides a platform through which local and international guests have opportunity to interact with, and learn from important artistes in the Jamaican film movement.

Screenings start at 8:30 pm so come and experience the passion and insight of the writers and other artists and understand what influenced them in creating the social, political, economic and humanistic elements of their films.

Some of the movies to be screened are:

  • One People by Justine Henzel
  • One Love by Rick Elgood
  • Ring Di Alarm by Storm Saulter, Nile Saulter, Michelle Seriux, Ras Tingle, Joel Burke

  For full details of this event visit Cinema Paradise page: