Great Huts is listed as a top Intimate Hideaway in Jamaica


Travel Resources: 5 Intimate Hideaways in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most sought after romantic destinations in the world, let alone The Caribbean. Whether old or young, eccentric or laid back, couples from across the globe travel to the island’s shores to experience its seductive charm. When you’re looking for a cozy, private place to stay try this list of 5 Intimate Hideaways:

Great Huts

Scattered on the cliffs overlooking Boston Bay, Portland (on the North east point of Jamaica), Great Huts is an oceanfront ecotourism resort described by many as “the perfect place to see the real Jamaica”. The uniquely built huts on the property create an African styled beach-jungle-cliff habitat village that presents a pleasant hideaway for the back-packing ecotourist as well as the easy-going romantic.

Accommodations feature Tree houses and Huts constructed of Bamboo, hand-crafted furnishings, exotic fabrics and tribal art. Nature lovers, romantics, artists and other travelers will find warmth, authenticity, and adventure here. The sounds of the waves are completely relaxing while the views are amazing. The huts on the property are spaced out nicely so you feel as if you have the place all to yourself.