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Sharmadean Reid's Hotel Tour of Jamaica

WAH Nails founder and aspiring hotelier Sharmadean Reid went to explore Jamaica’s hippest hotels, resorts and eco shacks. Read her dispatch from the North side of the island.


Port Antonio

After four nights at Round Hill, we got a driver to take us to Port Antonio, which is a very wet part of Jamaica. It’s a bit like going to Manchester: always rainy. (Much less grey, though!) The journey takes four hours, but you’re so excited by what you see out the window that it goes really fast.

I wanted to do this trip on a ‘high low’ vibe, so we stayed at this eco-hut place called Great Huts. If Round Hill was your classic resort, Great Huts was your eco-touristy, backpackers spot. It was cool and really interesting, but the basic accommodation came as a bit of a shock after the luxury at Round Hill. It would be perfect if you and your boyfriend just wanted to smoke weed, have sex and do a bit of surfing, but it’s not the place to go with a baby.

Source: www.anywhere-anywhere.com