Homeless Shelter support

Paul S. Rhodes, MD and Great Huts are proud to be major donors for the construction and running of the HomeLess Shelter and the Rehab Center in Port Antonio for local people and Jamaicans as a whole, so any donations from our guests, financial or toiletries, are greatly appreciated! Please visit the Shelter’s website on the details how to contribute. Great Huts provides great discounts on the accommodation for volunteers working at the center. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Great Huts Sustainability

Great Huts has a Sustainability Program that ensures that Great Huts creates a minimal impact upon the nature and fauna of the Port Antonio area from it’s activities. We use solar panels to heat up the water and our recycling activities include:

  • All glass bottles are gathered separately and are sold back to the bottling company for re-use.
  • We have an agreement with local schools were all our plastic is given to them to assist in Jamaican Recycling Programs
  • Our food scraps are recycled in two ways: some of it we use for compost creation for our own vegetable garden and the rest is given to the local pig farms to support the locals meat production

Local Culture Development

Great Huts is dedicated to the development of the African and Jamaican cultures through it’s design, work and travellers. Guests are encouraged to read about Jamaican and African art, music, history and culture from our extensive Library at the Reception area.

Great Huts is full of art pieces crafted by famous Jamaican and International artists and our Saturday night Cultural Show features a local dance group, where teenagers and children from Port Antonio present Great Huts guests with authentic Jamaican dancing, music and drumming that was left over by the African ancestors. Read more about Art & Culture at Great Huts.


Eco-Tourism and Eco-Friendly Great Huts

Great Huts is subtitled Paradise On the Edge because we rest at the precipice of a fossilized coral cliff, 100 feet above the Caribbean Sea, with an easy to stroll walkway to Boston Beach. And because we stand proudly upon the perimeter of commercialized establishment. Our construction, style and spirit are about as far away from a corporate hotel model as one can imagine.

Great Huts’ environmentally friendly dwellings and activity programs encourage the independent minded traveler to appreciate the natural and cultural environments of greater Port Antonio in safety and comfort. While guests may spend days relaxing, reading, contemplating and dining at Great Huts Resort, we also offer a range of hiking tours of varying lengths and challenges in Port Antonio’s Rio Grande Valley and Jamaica’s Blue Mountains to explore our ecology.


Great Huts is proud of it’s cultural events that promote faith traditions, history, art and culture. Below is the full list of Great Huts Cultural Programs for 2016. Click on the for larger view. Please CONTACT US if you wish to book one of the programs or if you have any questions.

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