Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader photoshoot at Great Huts


On Sunday, April 27, Great Huts had the pleasure of hosting four beautiful Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders, part of a team of 29, who were in the island shooting photos for their 2015 calendar to be released in July. They were in Jamaica for the second year in a row, and Great Huts was one of four Portland locations selected for the shoots. The others were Frenchman’s Cove, Turtle Bay and Reach Falls.

This is what some members of the visiting party had to say about Great Huts:

I think it’s very original, very unique. It reminds me of places I have stayed in Hawaii … It’s not for everybody, but people who like this type of experience.

- Terry Ferraro of Finn Partners.

It is one of those locations that offer unspoilt Jamaica. It offers a rustic Caribbean experience, and I think it kind of gives people a sense of the diversity here in Jamaica … Not one of those manicured property so it showcases diversity.

- JTB representative.

At Great Huts we found a tremendous property on these cliffs that give you such a great perspective of the ocean … It is just something that is offered that we had not gotten in any other location … being here at Great Huts is unlike anything I have really ever seen …

- Photographer Shawn Hubbard

We chose Jamaica again, because of the beauty and the vast differences in scenery, you have different landscapes, and treasures … There is so much diversity here to create 12 pages of different shots.

- Gabrielle Dow, Baltimore Ravens vice president of marketing

Great Huts is part of the diversity Dow spoke of, and we invite the world to come to paradise on the edge.

By Paul Williams, Great Huts Cultural and Entertainment Manager

Whitney, Alison and Hillary J from Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders at Great Huts

Whitney, Alison and Hillary J from Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders at Great Huts

Photographer Shawn Hubbard at Great Huts

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Janine Zwith with Great Huts chef Clayton Whyte