Protoje's No Lipstick Video filmed at Great Huts Resort


We are pleased to announce Protoje’s “No Lipstick” Official Music Video that was shot in entirety here at Great Huts in Boston, Portland. Oje Ken Ollivierre, or Protoje, as he popularly called, is one of Jamaica’s top reggae singers. He currently has two singles out, the first being ‘This is Protoje’ and the other being ‘Music From My Heart’ released in 2011 and 2013 respectively. protoje

His sister, LeAnn 'Dream Seeker' Ollivierre, was the director of the video “No Lipstick” and Protoje gives full credit to her for pulling off such an amazing video. Protoje, a native of St. Elizabeth, is very selective in the locations he chooses to shoot his videos. He likes to use the most scenic locations that the island has to offer. It might appear that it was by chance that Protoje shot his video here, but here at Great Huts, we believe it was a divine destiny. The staff here at Great Huts had a wonderful time hosting Protoje and his team who absolutely adored our beautiful location which they called a “hidden treasure in paradise”.

“Empress look what I brought for you…” Take a look at his video right here -

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The video was released in late September 2011 and instantly started creating a buzz across YouTube and across the entire entertainment and Rastafarian scene.